Ham Shack

Here are some images of our ham shack. You can click on the thumbnails to see larger images. All VHF/UHF power amplifiers and preamplifiers, with the exception of 6 meters, were housed at the bases of their respective towers.

This is our operating position, as well as two bays of Technical Materiel Corporation (TMC) commercial transmitters that we refurbished.  The idea to insert the racks into the wall came from a visit we made to the Voice of America site at Delano, California.  The pictures on the wall include DXCC, WAC, and ARRL VHF contest awards.  We designed and built the operating position to fit our needs for contesting and DX operation.


This image shows a close-up view of the operating position.  The left bay contains a Kenwood TS930-S, which is used for 160 meters and 70cm with the transverter above it.  The middle bay contains an Elecraft K3 transceiver, which is used for 80 meters through 6 meters.  The right bay houses a Yaesu FT736, which is used for 2 meters, 23cm and 5760MHz.



This unit is a TMC GPT-750D independent sideband/CW transmitter that we use on 160 meters.  The first photo shows the entire unit in its 24" rack.  The unit weighs approximately800 pounds and rests on casters.  This is the first TMC that we refurbished.  The first photo below is a more detailed view of the RF deck, and the second photo is a detailed view of the independent sideband exciter.  With the exception of 4-400A tubes in the final and 575 rectifiers in the power supply, this unit is original.

GPT closeup2
GPT closeup

This is part of the collection of test equipment we use in our home laboratory.  Included are spectrum analyzers with tracking generators, a network analyzer, signal generator, and counter.  The unit in the foreground is a former HP slotted line that was modified to become a slide screw tuner.